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Chlorine Granules Bayrol Spa Time

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Spa Time chlorine granules – Water disinfection with instant results
Area of application
Resistant to chlorine granules disinfects reliable your whirlpool water. The granules dissolve quickly and start working immediately against bacteria, turbidities and dirt.
Product advantages
- limescale-free, pH neutral,
- Dust-Free Micro Balls
- Quick Dissolve And Without Leaving A Residue
- Can be used in all water hardness
- An stabilizing effect on free chlorine in the water
- Prevents quick chlorine removal at higher water temperatures and strong sunlight.
Product Description:
Quick Dissolve, dust-free chlorine granules
Per 1000 L Whirlpool Water You Only Need 5,0g chlorine granules after each use.
100g of the product included 100g Troclosennatrium dihydrate.
At least once a week check the chlorine level with Spatime test strips and adjust it if needed (Ideal level: 1.0 – 1.5 mg/l). The amount of soap will vary depending on chlorine from being measured. Please make sure that at any time of the day of chlorine from the water inside during operation, JUST TO AVOID PROBLEMS during the water treatment. Measuring the chlorine granules after each usage on the operating pump directly into the whirlpool water.
Before the dosage of the disinfection by means of if the pH value by Spatime test strips checks and, if required, to the correct value of 7.0 – 3 settings making it ideal for all the family. 

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