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Chlorine Tablets 20 g have a high available chlorine content and therefore reliably disinfect your spa water. Its slow dissolving properties allow consistent chlorination over a longer period. The special formula ensures the chlorine tablets 20 g only dissolve when the filter pump is running to avoid overdosing.

• Stabilised chlorine
• No impurities
• pH neutral
• Prevents fast chlorine degradation at higher temperatures or exposure to sunlight

Dosing recommendations

Check the free chlorine value at least once a week with SpaTime test strips, and if necessary adjust to a level of 1.0 – 1.5 mg/L. Place the tablet in the filter or the dosing device in your spa. Heavy spa use may require more Chlorine Tablets 20 g to maintain a proper residual. Prior to the initial application of Chlorine Tablets 20 g, oxidise your spa with SpaTime Chlorine Granules or Spa Pure. Do not use Chlorine Tablets 20 g to create a chlorine residual from zero.

Important information

This product should be used solely for the purpose specified. Applying Chlorine Tablets 20 g directly in the spa can cause bleaching on spa surfaces.

Tip: Before adding the disinfectant, please check the pH value with test strips. If necessary, adjust to the correct value of 7.0 – 7.6 to ensure the best possible efficacy of the chlorine tablets.

Product description

Slow dissolving, white 20 g tablet Contains: 100 g of the product contains 92 g Symclosene

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