Oriana Three Person Sauna

The ‘Oriana’ sauna for three is great for any occasion, whether you’re looking to relax your body & mind, or you’re hosting company - this sauna will truly leave you and your company in awe. The
‘Oriana’ is built from carefully selected Hemlock wood which originates from Canada. The type of Hemlock we use is ‘vertical grain’, as only vertical grain Hemlock can expand and contract without warping and cupping.

People  3
Infrared Heaters

Heater Pieces: 5
Each ceramic tube is coated with materials which can generate far-infrared light, the reflected heat reaches people without any burning feeling.

Audio Bluetooth
LED Lighting Included
Material Hemlock
Size 1550 x 1100 x 1940mm
Moisture Content  8 - 12%
Accessories Cup holder, towel rack & magazine rack 


High Quality Material 

Our Hemlock timber is the best choice for your sauna - whether it’d be for your home or even commercial use. It is also very beneficial for all individuals suffering from allergies or persons with both mental and physical health problems.

Hemlock is known for its natural strength and durability; it is naturally resistant to decay therefore ideal for saunas. Its longevity is 300 -1000 years, whereas most other timber used for saunas only averages around 200 years.

Hemlock is commonly used for building bridges, homes, and large structures. The grain patterns create a natural and a so it is prized as a material for flooring, panelling and trim. Hemlock is strong, safe and has a very attractive evenly grained wood texture. Also, our Hemlock is not too hot to touch even in hot temperatures as it is sourced naturally.

Low EMF Technology

What are EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields)? Electro Magnetic Fields are energy waves with frequencies below 300Hz. The EMFs we encounter daily come from the very things we use in our homes, such as TVs and computer monitors, microwave ovens, cell phones, electric blankets, wiring in your home, and many other common electric devices.

Can EMF be Harmful?

Numerous studies have produced contradictory results, yet some experts are convinced that the threat is indeed real.

Dr David Carpenter (Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York) believes that there is a link between childhood cancers and exposure to high amounts of EMF.

Superior Saunas’ LOW EMF HEATER

Average EMFR levels in Infrared Saunas: Peak: 81 mG / Average: 55mG

Average EMFR levels in a Superior Sauna: Peak 2.4 mG / Average 1.3 mG Over 42 times lower!

Hemlock Wood