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March 14, 2023 3 min read

What could be better than getting home from a busy day and relaxing in the comfort of your own garden space! Now the nights are getting lighter and the weather is slightly warmer this will become a reality! As the staycation is still popular, so many people are making the most of their outdoor living space

So now is the time to get your garden or outdoor living space ready for sun, fun and relaxation.

Many people winterise their hot tubs during the colder months, in other words they drain, vacuum and clean the tub out then switch it off for the winter, either because they don’t want to use it in the cold weather or simply to save money on electricity and hot tub running costs.

But what happens when the nights get lighter, and the weather gets warmer? Well, it’s time to refill your tub and start enjoying the hydrotherapy benefits again in the sunshine!

For hot tub owners that use their tub throughout the year, the Spring is the perfect time to give it a full overhaul and water refresh, filter change, and a full clean of the outer shell of the hot tub with non-abrasive soap and warm water. 

It is always a good idea to make sure that your hot tub cover is in good condition aswell. If your hot tub is not in an enclosed space, such as a pergola or under a gazebo the hot tub cover is exposed to all the elements, whether it be the harsh cold of the winter, or the UV rays of the sun, therefore, you should always use a protective spray on the cover to help eliminate element issues. Even though each hot tub cover is designed to last a significant amount of time, like everything, it will eventually start to display signs of wear and tear. It is time to invest in a new hot tub cover if your existing one is cracked, torn or has changed in shape, meaning that it will let the heat out and outside debris in, such as small bugs, dirt and leaves etc.

If you are just thinking about purchasing a hot tub, springtime is the perfect time for many reasons, as we said before, the evenings are getting lighter, and the temperature is slowly starting to rise which gives you more time in the evenings to use it. It has also been proved that soaking in the hot tub for approximately twenty minutes before bed can have significant sleep benefits.  If you raise your body temperature a couple of hours before going to bed it will create the scenario where your body will drop in temperature which in turn will cause you to fall asleep quicker than normal, also soaking in warm water will help to relax your mind and muscles also causing you to fall asleep faster.  Another benefit of relaxing in a hot tub just before bed is that the warm water will open up pores and release toxins that we gain throughout the day.

Hot tub servicing is recommended every 12 months, to make sure that your hot tub is in good working order and to ascertain any small leaks or repairs that may need carrying out. This is one of the many services we provide at Hot Tub Liverpool.