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Holiday Let Glamping Lodge Eco Hot Tubs HSG282 Compliant

Holiday Let Glamping Lodge Eco Hot Tubs HSG282 Compliant


The Holiday Let is a hot tub that's been produced specifically for the 'staycation' holiday market. Standard hot tub features that guests tend to break are things like; headrests, diverters and waterfalls- there's none of these on this hot tub, meaning there's much less to go wrong, and therefore you should spend less down the line. The control panel has also been simplified to the point where your customers only have control over the pumps off/on and the lights off/on. Your clients won’t be able to change the programming of the system or change the temperature. The main control panel is hidden behind the cabinet so only you can access it. You can also add WiFi to the Holiday Let if you'd like, so if in range of a Wifi router, you’ll be able to control the spa from an app.


This hot tub includes LED lighting around the waterline and another main LED light in the base of the spa 

Water purification

Clarity of water is important, that’s why this hot tub utilises the very latest in Ozone technology. But what does Ozone do? When used in conjunction with your regular hot tub sanitiser (e.g., chlorine or bromine), ozone will help to kill pathogenic bacteria, viruses and germs. Which means that you’ll in turn need less sanitiser, helping to reduce the amount you spend on chemicals whilst keeping your spa water cleaner and clearer.

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