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Warranty Policy

Hot Tub Warranty

WARRANTY: Hot Tub Liverpool brand hot tubs are delivered with a One Year, 100% Parts only warranty to the original owner. Warranty applies to all non-glass parts of the hot tub, INCLUDING ELECTRICAL PARTS. (Many look-alike competing model warranties do not cover electrical parts for more than 30 days.) Glass items, such as the carafe, are not warranted against breakage unless received broken and reported to Hot Tub Liverpool within 7 days of receipt. (Exclusive Hot Tub Liverpool extended warranties are also available at the time of purchase.) Damage caused by improper handling, installation or maintenance, or use of voltage converters or transformers or customer misuse or damage due to customer's faulty or incompatible electrical wiring is not covered. Shipping charges, (to and from customer), must be paid by the customer and will not be reimbursed, (unless a faulty item was detected by customer upon receipt.) 

Please see documents below for warranties relating to specific brands.

Sundance Spas Hot Tub Warranty - DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE

Hot Tub Liverpool Range Hot Tub Warranty - DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE

SHIPPING DAMAGE CLAIMS, (especially glass items), must be made immediately upon receipt of package. If item was damaged in shipment, please contact us in order to file a claim for reimbursement of the cost of repair or replacement of the item.

DEPOSITS: Customers have a 14 day cancellation period in which they can notify us to cancel their order for a refund of their deposit. After 14 days all deposits are none refundable.