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Energy Efficient Products - Rexener Hot Tubs & Airrex Heaters

Rexener Airrex Heaters

With energy prices constantly rising, everyone is looking for a cheaper alternative to heat their homes and workspaces. At Hot Tub Liverpool, we have the answer!

The Rexener Airrex range of heaters, are indoor heaters that are fuelled by biodiesel, red diesel or just regular diesel.

There are 3 different types of Airrex heater, the 200i, 300i and the 800i and they are suitable for spaces from 900m³ up to 2000m³.

Airrex is a very safe way to heat your home or workspace, as it has 12 different safety systems such as an odour prevention system, fuel level tilt, overheating, security system and an automatic shutdown feature.

The Airrex can also be controlled via WiFi so you can turn the heater on and off and amend the temperature accordingly via your mobile phone, making sure you always have the desired temperature at the lowest cost.