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Timeline of when you should use your Chemicals

At Hot Tub Liverpool, we are proud to stock a range of Gold Horizons Chemicals, which are perfect for keeping your hot tub free from bacteria and keep it clean and working efficiently all year round. 

Below is a recommended timeline of when you should use your chemicals to keep your hot tub looking brand new!

Daily   You should test the water using test strips, adding any necessary sanitiser or balance products to make sure that the ranges are achieved. 


The filter should be rinsed using a hose, then the spa should be shocked using Spa Revive, Non-Chlorine Shock or Rapid Shock.  If you live in an area where the water is hard, we recommend that you add some Scale Free. 


A quick filter clean is recommended every two weeks for approximately 15-minutes using Rapid Filter Clean, this will help to keep your filter working effectively in between deep cleans 


The filter should be deep cleaned once a month, using the Cartridge Cleaner or the Powdered Filter Cleaner. This will ensure that all dirt and debris are removed from the filter. 


Once every 3-months the pipework should be cleaned using Clear Spa Flush Plus. The hot tub should then be drained and the shell, cabinet and cover should be cleaned with Spa Shine and Protect.


We would recommend an annual service on your hot tub by a trained hot tub engineer. They will check all elements of your hot tub, check for any leaks and that the pipework is running smoothly. They will empty the tub and clean the shell, check the jets then refill the tub. This is essential in keeping your hot tub working properly.