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Eco Range - Eco Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Liverpool Eco Range

You are probably looking to buy a hot tub for its therapeutic benefits, the health and wellness advantages it will offer as well as it providing a great place to relax and hang out with friends and family. The last thing you need to worry about while you soak in your new hot tub is how much it is costing you to operate it.

At Hot tub Liverpool, we have hot tubs that would be considered to be Eco-Friendly. These are specifically the Sundance Range and the Rexener Range of hot tubs.

Sundance Spas have some of the best insulation in the world, they use two types of polyurethane foam to provide full-foam insulation, completely filling the compartment between the Rigid Bond shell and the SunStrong Synthetic Skirt. Full-foam insulation is vastly superior to the partial-foam system used in some budget hot tubs. Full-foam provides excellent heat retention and blocks out the cold air from outside. This type of insulation also reduces the risk of leaking jets by securely holding the plumbing in place and absorbing any pressure and vibrations created by the pumps. The use of both open and closed cell foam (high and low density) maximizes energy efficiency as it is able to expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures without letting heat escape from the Hot Tubs water, protecting your hot tubs’ plumbing from the elements and ensuring many years of care-free ownership.

All Sundance Spas hot tubs come as standard with insulated thermal covers which help to retain as much heat as possible.

Rexener Wooden Hot tubs are considered part of our Eco range due to the fact that they are powered by Diesel, Biodiesel or Red Diesel providing a saving on electricity. The Rexener hot tubs heat up to 40 degrees in just 2 hours. These hot tubs are extremely popular for holiday rentals due to the low running costs and quick and efficient heating process.