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Hot Tub Repairs

Hot Tub Repairs 

Hot tubs are mechanical objects, therefore from time to time, certain components on them will fail with general wear and tear.  You will have paid a lot of money for your tub, so making sure any problems with it are fixed as quickly as possible is a priority.

The main workings of a hot tub are the heater, pumps and jets. These components are all essential to the smooth running and efficiency of your hot tub. If you notice any change in the way any of these components are operating or sounding, you should get a hot tub engineer out as soon as possible to take a look and try to identify what the issues are. They are a few ways to eliminate things going wrong with your hot tub. Keeping the water above the jets is extremely important as this enables them to function properly.

Having a hot tub cover that fits perfectly is extremely important as this keeps all debris and dirt out of the tub when it is not in use, this means that foreign bodies cannot enter the filters or jets. It also retains the heat within the tub, helping to keep your hot tub running costs as low as possible.

Our expert engineers can provide repair services for out of warranty hot tubs and tubs not purchased through Hot Tub Liverpool.

The repair service comes at a charge of £85 for the first hour and £60 for every hour thereafter. This is labour only, any parts required to complete the repair would be at an additional charge.

If you have any concerns with the way your hot tub is running or think there may be a problem with it give us call on 0151 662 0284 and speak to one of our team who will be able to provide you with available dates, you can also whatsapp us on 07736 578751 or email us at