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Free Access Checks

At Hot Tub Liverpool we provide a free access check service within a 40-mile radius of our Liverpool City Centre Showroom.

An access check is an extremely important part of the hot tub journey as we need to ascertain whether we will need to crane your hot tub into your garden or if we can use the sleigh method. 

Most of the time the sleigh method is used as the hot tub can sometimes be taken in through a neighbour's garden by removing a fence panel. Should a crane be required, we will arrange this for you with the crane company we work with. 

Our Engineers will come out to your property and survey from the point of entry to the exact location the hot tub is to be sited. 

If you live outside the 40-mile radius we will ask you to send us a walk-through video and photographs of the access. 

To find out more about the access check service please contact us