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Built for performance, proficiency and power, the Jacuzzi swim spa range offers a multi-level fitness and spa swimming experience in one. Designed to provide exceptional resilience to extreme weather conditions, our ProEndure™ cabinetry houses a predictable and consistent current powered by our PowerPro™ swim jets.

We’ve created some of the best swim spas in the UK, all offering hydromassage options in an all-round holistic health and aquatic fitness centre that’s a perfect alternative to a traditional swimming pool.Excellent for all the family, experience superior long term health benefits by incorporating the swim spa into your daily wellness routine. Whether you’re a beginner or Olympic level swimmer, experience quality performance all year-round while strengthening and toning muscles, decreasing stress and improving energy levels.

Utilising significantly less space than a swimming pool, a swim spa offers a personalised swim right in your own home any time you like, incorporating the very best hydro technology, design and health innovations Jacuzzi is known for.

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