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Hot Tub Servicing

Getting your hot tub serviced once a year is extremely important and could prevent serious damage to the tub. 

At Hot Tub Liverpool we have experienced Engineers who can carry out your service. 

When we come out to your hot tub we will carry out the following actions 

  • Completely flush the system out 
  • Drain the tub, wet vacuum it and thoroughly clean the shell 
  • Remove the jets and inspect them for damage.
  • Remove the pillows and clean them (if your tub has pillows)
  • Fully inspect all the key electrical components
  • Check the Ozonator and clean it if necessary.
  • Full inspection of the plumbing.
  • Check the pipework and glued joints.
  • Check that the heater and circulation pump is free from scale.
  • Inspect all union joints for leaks.
  • Refill the hot tub with fresh water.
  • Restart the tub and pumps.
  • Chemically balance the water using the customer’s chemicals.

Each and every point above is essential to make sure that your hot tub is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Think of it as an annual health check for your hot tub!

We don’t just service our own hot tubs, even if you didn’t purchase your tub from Hot Tub Liverpool, we will come and carry out a service for you. We would recommend that you have a hot tub service at least once a year, some people like to have two services a year just to ensure that there are no internal issues or problems with their hot tub.

In between hot tub services, there are many things that you can do to ensure that your hot tub is working as it should be.

Making sure that the filter is clean is essential as this is where all dirt and debris build up. You should remove your filter once a week and rinse with it clean water, you can spray on a filter cleaner before rinsing, and then every two to three months the filter should be soaked in a filter cleaner. The filter should soak for approximately for at least 8 hours, or overnight if possible. Make sure the filter is rinsed thoroughly again with clean fresh water and allow it to dry before putting it back into the hot tub.

Some people have spare filters so they can still use their hot tub whilst the other filter is soaking.

We recommend that you perform a water re-fresh every three months. This is where you drain the hot tub, vacuum out any leftover water, clean the shell completely, then refill and chemicalise.

It is so important to change the water at least every three months so that the risk of legionella is reduced.

To book your hot tub or swim spa service just call 0151 662 0284 or email and we will arrange everything for you!