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Hot Tubs for sale in Liverpool

Hot Tub Liverpool is a Liverpool City Centre-based company selling high-quality hot tubs from America, China, and Finland to the Liverpool region.

All of the tubs we sell comprise LED lighting and some have LED mood lighting for night time. The temperature controls allow you to set the temperature in your hot tub to the required degree. All our hot tub controls are supplied either by Balboa or Gecko, both of which are widely recognised within the hot tub trade as being extremely reliable and easy to use.

During the summer months, you can set your water to be cooler, perfect for you to cool down and relax and during the colder months and evenings, the temperature can be increased up to 38-40 degrees to relax aching muscles!

We have a range of different services that we provide to our customers.

We do hot tub repairs, relocations and hot tub servicing.

Hot Tub servicing is extremely important as this will help to prolong the life and condition of your tub.

At Hot Tub Liverpool we deliver, install, and provide a chemical tuition service free of charge as standard within a 40mile radius  

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service from start to finish and beyond, our Google and Trustpilot reviews speak for themselves. 

For more information on the range of hot tubs we stock, come and see us or contact us via the contact us page. 



Hot Tub Relocations
£250.00 GBP
Full Service
£349.00 GBP
Malibu 13 Amp Plug & Play Hot Tub
£3,495.00 GBP
Denver - 3 Person Hot Tub
£4,995.00 GBP
Orlando - 5 Person Hot Tub
£5,495.00 GBP
Manhattan - 5 Person Hot Tub
£5,995.00 GBP
Mercury - 3 Person Hot Tub
£6,199.00 GBP
Tuscan - 5 Person Hot Tub
£6,495.00 GBP £6,995.00 GBP
Brooklyn - 5 Person Hot Tub
£6,495.00 GBP
Dakota - 6 Person Hot Tub
£6,495.00 GBP
£6,495.00 GBP
Edison - 6-7 Person Hot Tub
£8,099.00 GBP £8,495.00 GBP
Peyton - 6 Person Hot Tub
£8,099.00 GBP £8,495.00 GBP
McKinley - 6 Person Hot Tub
£9,149.00 GBP
Chelsee - 6 Person Hot Tub
£12,449.00 GBP
Optima - 7 Person Hot Tub
£18,099.00 GBP
£19,199.00 GBP
Aspen - 8 Seater Hot Tub
£20,699.00 GBP
Lisbon - 5 Person Hot Tub
£20,999.00 GBP
£22,995.00 GBP
£24,995.00 GBP