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Book a Hot Tub or Swim Spa Service, Relocation or Repair

Hot Tub Liverpool is a trusted local Liverpool City Centre-based company, serving Liverpool, Wirral, and the rest of the Liverpool City Region & North West of England with a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to all things to do with hot tubs, also providing Hot Tub Servicing, Relocation and Repairs.

Hot Tub Servicing 

hot tub liverpool provide serves and repairs on all hot tubs and jacuzzi spas

Getting your hot tub serviced once a year is extremely important and could prevent serious damage to the tub. 

At Hot Tub Liverpool we have experienced Engineers who can carry out your hot tub service. 

When we come out to your hot tub we will carry out the following actions 

  • Completely flush the system out 
  • Drain the tub, wet vacuum it and thoroughly clean the shell 
  • Remove the jets and inspect them for damage.
  • Remove the pillows and clean them (if your tub has pillows)
  • Fully inspect all the key electrical components
  • Check the Ozonator and clean it if necessary.
  • Full inspection of the plumbing.
  • Check the pipework and glued joints.
  • Check that the heater and circulation pump is free from scale.
  • Inspect all union joints for leaks.
  • Refill the hot tub with fresh water.
  • Restart the tub and pumps.
  • Chemically balance the water using the customer’s chemicals.

Each and every point above is essential to make sure that your hot tub is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Think of it as an annual health check for your hot tub!

We don’t just service our own hot tubs, even if you didn’t purchase your tub from Hot Tub Liverpool, we will come and carry out a service for you. We would recommend that you have a hot tub service at least once a year, some people like to have two services a year just to ensure that there are no internal issues or problems with their hot tub.

In between hot tub services, there are many things that you can do to ensure that your hot tub is working as it should be.

Making sure that the filter is clean is essential as this is where all dirt and debris build up. You should remove your filter once a week and rinse with it clean water, you can spray on a filter cleaner before rinsing, and then every two to three months the filter should be soaked in a filter cleaner. The filter should soak for approximately at least 8 hours, or overnight if possible. Make sure the filter is rinsed thoroughly again with clean fresh water and allow it to dry before putting it back into the hot tub.

Some people have spare filters so they can still use their hot tub whilst the other filter is soaking.

We recommend that you perform a water re-fresh every three months. This is where you drain the hot tub, vacuum out any leftover water, clean the shell completely, and then refill and chemicalise.

It is so important to change the water at least every three months so that the risk of legionella is reduced.

We charge £249.00 for a  Hot Tub Service and £450.00 for a Swim Spa Service.

To book your hot tub or swim spa service give us call on 0151 662 0284 and speak to one of our team who will be able to provide you with prices and availability dates you can also whatsapp us on 07736 578751 or email us at 

Hot Tub Relocations 

hot tub relocations covering the wirral liverpool and merseyside

At Hot Tub Liverpool we provide a hot tub relocation service. This means if you are moving house and want to take your existing hot tub with you or if you have purchased a second hand hot tub from someone, we will relocate it from one property to the other.

We have our own way of moving your tub from A to B in the most efficient, effective and safe way as possible.

We like to give a thorough service so before we carry out your relocation, we will ask you to send us photos with measurements or walk-through videos of the access at both properties to eliminate any issues with moving the hot tub on the day of the relocation. This includes things like window ledges jutting out, water taps, steps or pipes.

Sometimes a crane may be required to lift the hot tub into place, but generally, a solution can be reached to avoid this, for instance, maybe lifting a fence panel and going through a neighbour’s garden. Our Engineer will look at the pictures and video and make an informed decision about the best way to perform the relocation. Should a crane or Hiab be required, this is something that Hot Tub Liverpool can arrange on your behalf.

We have carried out numerous hot tub relocations and are very confident in our ability to be able to provide the best service possible, with our friendly, knowledgeable Engineers who can answer any questions you may have about your hot tub. We are also fully insured to carry out the process, which is extremely important when moving such large and valuable items.

We also pride ourselves on our reliability and punctuality, we will always give you an estimated time and should that change due to traffic restrictions, someone will call you to inform you of a later or sometimes earlier arrival.

Hot Tub Liverpool is highly rated on Trustpilot, with over 60 five star reviews. This is because we like to provide the friendliest, most approachable, knowledgeable and most efficient service we possibly can.

Prices start from £250 but can vary due to the distance involved please contact our team for an accurate quote prior to purchase.

To see if we can help you with your hot tub relocation give us call on 0151 662 0284 and speak to one of our team who will be able to provide you with prices and availability dates you can also whatsapp us on 07736 578751 or email us at

Hot Tub Repairs 

hot tub repair service covering liverpool wirral and merseyside

Hot tubs are mechanical objects, therefore from time to time, certain components on them will fail with general wear and tear.  You will have paid a lot of money for your tub, so making sure any problems with it are fixed as quickly as possible is a priority.

The main workings of a hot tub are the heater, pumps and jets. These components are all essential to the smooth running and efficiency of your hot tub. If you notice any change in the way any of these components are operating or sounding, you should get a hot tub engineer out as soon as possible to take a look and try to identify what the issues are. They are a few ways to eliminate things going wrong with your hot tub. Keeping the water above the jets is extremely important as this enables them to function properly.

Having a hot tub cover that fits perfectly is extremely important as this keeps all debris and dirt out of the tub when it is not in use, this means that foreign bodies cannot enter the filters or jets. It also retains the heat within the tub, helping to keep your hot tub running costs as low as possible.

Our expert engineers can provide repair services for out of warranty hot tubs and tubs not purchased through Hot Tub Liverpool.

This service comes at a charge of £85 for the first hour and £60 for every hour thereafter.

This is labour only, any parts required to complete the repair would be at an additional charge.

If you have any concerns with the way your hot tub is running or think there may be a problem with it give us call on 0151 662 0284 and speak to one of our team who will be able to provide you with available dates, you can also whatsapp us on 07736 578751 or email us at