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August 05, 2022 8 min read


Hot Tub Servicing

At Hot Tub Liverpool, as well as providing top-quality hot tubs, we provide a variety of other services, such as annual hot tub servicing, repairs, hot tub relocations and free access checks.

Just the same as a car or van needs an annual service or MOT, the maintenance of your hot tub is essential to its longevity and efficiency of it. The average hot tub will last anything between 5-20 years providing that it is maintained correctly.



We would recommend an annual service of your Jacuzzi to make sure that there are no hidden leaks within the shell and to ensure that all the pipework is running as it should. Also, it is essential the inner lining of the pipework is professionally cleaned as this is where the bio-film can start to grow.

Bio-film is an extremely harmful bacteria that can cause a multitude of illnesses and diseases such as infections, pneumonia in cystic fibrosis patients, it also causes pipework catastrophic damage as it causes severe corrosion.  Biofilms can have a pH of almost 1.0 which is extremely acidic.

Bio-films in Jacuzzis are resistant to sanitisers and are very hard to remove, they often cause foam and cloudy water, they can also produce an unpleasant odour and a build-up of scale on the heater, filtration system, jets and pump.  If your hot tub is showing any signs of these symptoms, it is important to completely empty the hot tub and clean it thoroughly.

Hot tub bio-film generally comes from contaminants from people in the Jacuzzi, such as perfumes, body lotion, deodorants, and skin oil. It can also be caused by old and dirty filters and imbalanced water.

If there is brown scum in your hot tub, this indicates a problem with the water chemistry, it generally means that the pH levels are too high. Balancing the pH will bring the water chemistry back to the correct level and help to remove the scum. If there is green scum in your hot tub this means there are metals in the tub such as magnesium or copper.

If you see black or discoloured white patches in the tub or a white slime this is an indication of mould and mildew. Mould is a serious infestation that can be hazardous to health, whereas mildew can be wiped away. Mould is likely to form in an untreated hot tub.

We would always recommend that whoever is using the hot tub, take a shower before entering the Jacuzzi, to remove any perfumes, moisturisers etc. which can cause build-up and cause the tub to malfunction.

We would also not recommend wearing fake tan in a hot tub, as the chemicals in fake tan can make the water change colour, it will also leave a scum line around the top of the hot tub which may permanently stain the acrylic shell of the tub.

So getting your hot tub serviced annually is extremely important for the life of your hot tub and the health of the people using it.

When your service becomes due, our Engineers will come and carry out the following procedures.

  • Complete system flush.
    • This is carried out by removing the filters in the Jacuzzi and turning the jets on full. Then we add the recommended amount of pipe cleaner or flush into the filter housing, then run the jets for 20-30 minutes. This ensures that any bacteria are flushed away. In extreme circumstances, it will be required for the system to rub overnight. 


  • Empty the hot tub, wet vacuum it and clean the shell.
    • Before the tub is drained it should be completely switched off at the power, as jets should not be turned on whilst there is no water in the tub. The tub is then drained of all water via the drain valve. An alternative way of draining the Jacuzzi is via a submersible pump. This is done by placing the pump into the deepest part of the hot tub, then we run a hose to the drain, switch the pump on and let the water drain away.


  • Remove all the jets, clean them and inspect them.
    • The jets are removed, inspected and cleaned to ensure that there is no scale or debris on them to keep them in perfect working order.


  • Remove the pillows and clean them (if your tub has pillows)
    • The pillows are removed and fully cleaned using a soft cloth


  • Fully inspect all the key electrical components
    • The side panel will be removed, and all the electrical components will be fully inspected to ensure everything is in good working order.


  • Check the Ozonator and clean it if necessary.
    • The Ozonator helps to protect the water and keep it as clean as possible. It is a cleaning agent for the tub meaning that fewer chemicals are required.


  • Fully inspect the plumbing and all the pipework
    • All the plumbing components will be fully inspected to ensure that there are no leaks and to make sure that all the pipework is clean and working properly.


  • Check that the heater and circulation pump are free of scale
    • The heater and circulation pump are two of the most important components of the Jacuzzi, The circulation pump will pull the water from the filter and push it through the heater, sending it back to the hot tub. The circulation pump also filters the water keeping it clean, This will be fully inspected and cleaned to ensure both components are working correctly.


  • Fully inspect all the union joints for any leaks
    • Leaks on hot tubs are quite common, again the side panel will be removed and the joints inspected, the glued joints will also be inspected and if any have come loose they will be re-glued.


  • Refill the hot tub with fresh water.
    • Our engineer will then use your hose to refill the clean hot tub with fresh water until the water is just covering the top jets.


  • Restart the hot tub
    • We will then switch the power to your Jacuzzi back on and make sure that all the jets are switched on and working correctly.



  • Chemicalise and balance the water using the customer’s chemicals.
    • Finally, once the hot tub is completely full and the Engineer is completely confident that everything is in perfect working order, we will add the required dosage of either Chlorine or Bromine and make sure that the water is perfectly balanced and ready for you to use again.

In between annual services, we would recommend completely changing the water in your hot tub and changing the filters every 3 months. This will ensure that no bacteria can form in the tub, causing potential ill health to the user. Dead skin and debris collect in the filter making this hazardous to health if it’s not fully cleaned. We recommend always having a spare set of filters, this way you can fully clean one set and put the other set in the hot tub, meaning your hot tub can always be used and will be clean and hygienic for whoever is using it.

The tub should be fully emptied and wet vacuumed out, then the shell should be wiped clean using Tile and Liner cleaner and a soft cloth. No regular household detergents should be used on the tub as this will ruin the acrylic shell, also it will cause excess bubbles and foaming within the Jacuzzi when it is refilled if the detergent has not been completely washed away. 

If your Jacuzzi is being used every day, then we would recommend checking the pH, the alkalinity and the chlorine or bromine levels every day before entering the hot tub, this will make sure that water is safe and clean for whoever is using the hot tub.

To book your annual hot tub service, get in touch via our contact us page.

Hot Tub Repairs

Hot Tubs are mechanical objects and as with all things mechanical, they can malfunction even if they are properly maintained and looked after, as parts will start to wear and tear over time. Older hot tubs may be slightly more challenging to repair as hot tubs are changing and progressing all the time, therefore, meaning that parts for older tubs can become obsolete. In some cases, the repairs may be more costly than actually replacing the hot tub, depending on what has gone wrong with it.

Our highly experienced engineers at Hot Tub Liverpool will try to repair any hot tub, whether it was purchased from us or not. The only hot tubs we do not repair are Inflatable Lazy Spa’s.

Sometimes we will ask for pictures of whatever is causing the tub to malfunction, for example where a leak may be coming from or if a jet is making a strange noise, we will ask for you to send us a video with sound, just so we can listen to it prior to our visit and make sure that we have exactly what we need to be able to complete the repair as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We carry certain basic hot tub parts in our vehicles but if we arrive at your hot tub and a specialist part is required, we will get this ordered for you and then return to complete the repair when it becomes available. We have access to any hot tub part that is needed through our suppliers, provided that the part required is not obsolete. Our call-out and labour charges are very competitive, please contact us for more information on call-out and repair charges.

We also carry a variety of chemicals in our vehicles such as Chlorine tables and granules or Bromine tablets or granules, filter cleaners, testing strips, replacement filters, and many more chemicals to keep your Jacuzzi balanced and free from bacteria. These can be purchased from our Engineer when he comes to complete the repair.

To book your hot tub repair, get in touch via our contact us page.

Hot Tub Relocations.

If you are moving house and want to take your hot tub with you or if you have bought a second-hand tub from someone, we can provide a relocation service for you.

We will ask for pictures of the access at the pick-up property and at the drop-off property, just to make sure that there are not going to be any issues or problems in removing the tub and re-siting it. Examples of these would be things like windowsills or gate posts, over-hanging trees, outside taps, drainpipes, heating flues, or power lines etc. which would cause a problem in getting the hot tub out of a property or into the next property. We have equipment with us to ensure the safe relocation of your hot tub such as a sleigh on which we place the hot tub and pull it into place, we also have hot tub skates which are square boards with four wheels on them which the hot tub will sit on and can be pushed into place.

In some cases a crane may be required, this is something that we can arrange for you as we work closely with a local crane company, but most of the time the tub can be picked up and dropped off using the sleigh method.

To book your hot tub relocation, get in touch via our contact us page.

Access checks

Before you commit to the purchase of a hot tub, we need to make sure that we can deliver and install it as safely and efficiently as possible, therefore, we provide a free access check service. We will come out to your property and look at how best to get your new hot tub in place. We will measure side paths etc. and make sure there are no obstructions, the same as when we provide hot tub relocations. We will then try to provide a solution to any obstacle we come across. Sometimes the solution is to speak to a neighbour and see if a fence panel can be removed to get the tub in. In some instances, there is no other option but to crane the hot tub over a high wall or even over the house. As with the relocations arranging the crane is something we will organise on your behalf.

To book your free access check, get in touch via our contact us page.