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September 06, 2022 4 min read

Hot Tubs For Sale in The Isle Of Man

Rexener energy saving hot tubs isle of man

At Hot Tub Liverpool we provide top quality Finnish and American energy-saving hot tubs to the Isle of Man. 

With energy costs continuing to rise, everyone is looking for a cheaper option to heat their homes, workspaces and hot tubs!

Finland has found the answer.........Hot tubs powered by Biodiesel, Red Diesel or just regular Diesel. This means that your energy costs will be considerably lower.

Each Rexener hot tub contains a PR200 20kw water heater. To give you an idea of just how powerful this is, a regular hot tub would have a heater of approximately 3-5kw.

One of the most expensive parts of running a hot tub is when it is initially turned on to heat up. as it uses a large sudden surge of electricity, with the Rexener energy saving hot tubs, you can heat your tub up to 40 degrees in just under two hours, the estimated cost of this is just £3.00. Once your hot tub is heated to the desired temperature you can leave it running, and just refill with your chosen method of fuel when it gets low.

The Rexener range of hot tubs consist of the following:

The Rexener Polar, Aurora and Silence hot tubs are Finnish manufactured top-quality handmade wooden hot tubs with a fibreglass interior. 

Fibreglass is durable, robust and very easy to clean. In order to keep your tub in good condition, it is important to keep it clean.  Washing and drying your hot tub on a regular basis can help maintain the hygiene of your tub. Fibreglass is the perfect material for cooler weather conditions as it is a long-lived, durable material. 

Energy efficient diesel powered hot tubs isle of man

The Rexener hot tubs are also great for detached housing estates, as the heater does not emit smoke and fumes that might disturb your neighbours. The Rexener PR200 water heater is extremely efficient, which means that using it generates only minimal emissions. What comes out of the chimney is essentially carbon dioxide. The hot tub heats up very quickly compared to a wood fireplace. 

Another main factor of the Rexener energy saving hot tubs is how quiet they are, they operate at 48dB meaning you can sit back, relax and not have to worry about excessive noise, making your hot tub experience an enjoyable one. 

 diesel biodiesel red diesel energy saving hot tbs isle of man

One of the popular questions are "How much fuel does the heater use"?

When the Rexener PR200 water heater is running, the fuel consumption is 2L/hour. However, the thermostat turns the heater off when the water reaches the desired temperature.

When the water temperature decreases by 2–4 degrees, the heater will resume to help minimise its fuel use.

You can also reduce the temperature to +10 degrees if you are not actively using your hot tub. This can also help to reduce energy and save you money.

  • Water volume in the hot tub: 1,500 L
  • Heating time (+7 -> +38 °C) roughly 2 hours, one hour of which is filling up the pool
  • Heating cost ca. €4


    Diesel biodiesel red diesel energy efficient hot tubs isle of man

    So what exactly are the fuels that the Rexener energy saving hot tubs are powered by?

    • Biodiesel
    • Red Diesel 
    • Diesel 

    What is Biodiesel?

    Biodiesel is a renewable and clean-burning fuel made from waste vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease for use in diesel vehicles. Biodiesel is a safe fuel as it produces considerably less toxic emissions and greenhouse gases than petroleum diesel.

    Biodiesel has aided many countries in reducing their dependency on foreign oil reserves as it is domestically produced and can be used in any diesel device with little or no modification to the fuel system.

    What is Red Diesel 

    Red diesel goes under a number of different names such as agricultural diesel, cherry red, generator diesel or tractor diesel. It is a very low-cost fuel that is mainly used to power off-road vehicles and agricultural machinery. This can be used in household heaters and now also hot tubs, making it a perfect solution to heating your hot tub and reducing your energy costs. 

    What is Diesel 

    Diesel is more commonly known to be used for the running of cars and other road vehicles, however, it can also be used to power your hot tub. Diesel is the most readily available of the three fuels and is equally effective in keeping your hot tub running efficiently both mechanically and from a cost point of view.


    Sundance Spas Hot Tubs

    Sundance spas energy saving hot tubs isle of man

    At Hot Tub Liverpool we are proud to stock the American Sundance Spas range of hot tubs.

    Sundance hot tubs start at four-five-person hot tubs and go up to eight-person hot tubs, making them the perfect choice for socialising with family and friends. 

    Although the Sundance range are larger hot tubs than the Rexener range, they are just as energy-efficient due to the quality and standard of the workmanship and the insulation used. 

    Sundance Hot Tubs Exclusive 3-layer Rigid Bond™ construction means that durability, high performance, and superior heat retention capabilities apply to all Sundance Hot Tubs.

    Sundance spas insulation

    Sundance Spas utilise two types of polyurethane foam to provide full-foam insulation, completely filling the compartment between the Rigid Bond shell and the SunStrong Synthetic Skirt.

    Full-foam insulation is far superior to the partial-foam installation used in the majority of budget Hot Tubs. Full foam insulation provides exceptional heat retention and eliminates the cold air from outside.

    This type of insulation also dramatically reduces the risk of leaks on the jets by holding the plumbing in place and absorbing any pressure the pumps may create. Using both open and closed cell foam (high and low density) improves energy efficiency as the foam is able to expand and contract with the rise and fall of the temperatures without letting heat escape from the water, protecting your Hot Tubs plumbing from the elements and ensuring longevity and prolonging the condition of your hot tub.

    Sundance cost saving jets isle of man

    Sundance Hot Tubs come as standard with energy-efficient jet pumps. Sundance uses a cost-effective system, with energy-efficient pumps that provide the perfect hydrotherapy massage experience all the while keeping your energy costs as low as possible. 

     Sundance energy efficient hot tubs isle of man

    The Hot Tub Liverpool showroom is an eight-minute drive or a thirty-minute walk from the Liverpool Pier Head, so whether you are in Liverpool for a weekend break or just a day visit, in between sampling all the fabulous attractions, restaurants and bars that Liverpool City Centre has to offer, why not call in and see us and see the Rexener energy saving hot tubs and Sundance Spas hot tubs that we have on display and begin your hot tub journey with Hot Tub Liverpool today!