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November 25, 2022 8 min read

The use of warm water as a health and relaxation remedy is nothing new. People over the years have used hot springs which are bodies of water heated by geothermal forces, as bathing and gathering spots. Gradually, over time inspiration was taken from these natural springs to create man-made spas and tubs.

In the 1900s the Jacuzzi family emigrated from Italy to California, at the beginning they made their living as inventors within the aviation industry, they also designed water pumps for agricultural use within the orange groves.

They designed the very first submersible pump in the world which pulled water from the ground which was the first step to the Jacuzzi Brand.

In 1956, one of the Jacuzzi family developed rheumatoid arthritis. As a way of minimising the pain caused by the condition, the brothers created a hydrotherapy pump and called it the J-300. This pump was able to be used in a normal household bath and would transform it into a hydrotherapy spa, this was where the wellness industry came to life.

jacuzzi history

Roy Jacuzzi created the first integrated whirlpool bath in the world in 1968, it was called the Roman and it housed jets with a 50-50 air to water ratio. As time went on, bathtubs containing jets paved the way for the indoor/outdoor hot tub, as well as it being a hydrotherapy experience it also became a place for friends and families to meet, as in the Roman times.

It has been over 70 years since the Jacuzzi brand created its products, wellness has always been the main focus of Jacuzzi’s philosophy and they design each product with the user in mind, making sure that each jet is positioned perfectly and the seating fits the human form.

Through the decades the Jacuzzi® brand has continued to grow, constantly adding new technologies to the tubs to make them some of the best hot tubs you can buy.

Jacuzzi J-335 hot tub

One of the many reasons that Jacuzzi® hot tubs are so popular is the insulation they use. Insulation is an extremely important part of the hot tub as this is what retains the heat of the tub and will keep your hot tub running costs to a minimum. Multi-layered insulation is used as well as high and low-density foam, there is heat-reflective perimeter insulation, they also all come with patented ProLast™ insulated covers. Another reason that Jacuzzi hot tubs are extremely energy efficient is the ProFusion® cabinetry. The shell is a triple layered scratch resistant acrylic, specially designed for cooler weather and aiding in keeping the heat inside the hot tub.

Jacuzzi has developed a special SmartTub™ technology, which is an add on. SmartTub™ technology means you can see the data on your hot tub in real time, this includes energy usage, water temperature and any notifications regarding faults or servicing of parts. The temperature of your Jacuzzi hot tub water can be modified to increase or reduce the temperature of the water from the SmartTub™ app on your phone wherever you are in the world! This means that if you are away and have reduced the water temperature, you can increase it before you get home so that your Jacuzzi hot tub is ready for you. This technology is proven to aid Jacuzzi hot tub owners to keep an eye on their hot tub energy usage and helps to reduce the running costs of the hot tub. The new update is getting released in December 2022, and it gives you the option to automatically change the temperature of your water depending upon when you mainly use your hot tub, for example, if you only really use your hot tub at the weekends you can input this data into the SmartTub app which will then lower the temperature of the water in the week when it is not being used and automatically increase it for the weekend when you are likely to use it. Data has shown that this can contribute to reducing your hot tub energy costs by up to 20%.

Jacuzzi use specially designed PowerPro® jets which provide the best possible hydrotherapy massage and full body rejuvenation, they are also designed to use as little energy as is possible. This is down to the streamlined design, reducing the energy levels, helping to save money.

Jacuzzi jet

Each PowerPro® jet targets a different part of the body making it the perfect way to relax after a long day or a workout.

  • PowerPro® MX – These jets are specially designed to provide hydrotherapy massage to the muscles in the lower back, they provide a higher air to water ratio and maximum volume.
  • PowerPro® BX – These jets provide hydrotherapy massage to the calves and lower leg area.
  • PowerPro® FX Large – These jets specialise in massaging the centre of the back.
  • PowerPro® RX – the rotating jets ensure the perfect hydrotherapy massage for the back and shoulders.
  • PowerPro® PX – These jets are designed to provide massage for wrists, hands and legs, the jets can be adjusted for different flow rates.
  • PowerPro® FX Directional – These jets are designed to target the hips.

Having the right jets in the hot tub is essential to the hydrotherapy experience, just because there may be a lot of jets in one particular tub, that doesn’t mean that the hydromassage experience will be better, the jets have to be positioned correctly and have to have the correct amount of power to ensure the perfect relaxing massage.

So what is the difference between a Hot Tub and a Jacuzzi?

Sometimes people refer to any make or model of hot tub as a Jacuzzi, this is the same as referring to a vacuum as a Hoover.

Jacuzzi are a trademarked brand name for a tub with jets. The price points for Jacuzzi hot tubs are generally between £5,500.00 - £21,500.00.

A hot tub is a tub of water, generally larger than a household bathtub that has hydrotherapy jets in-built and filtration pumps, hot tubs are commonly used for hydrotherapy and relaxation and socialising with family and friends. All the inner workings of the hot tub are encased within the tub and they are easy to relocate, should you wish to move it to a different space in the garden, just simply drain the tub. Hot tubs are generally located in the garden but on some occasions they can be put inside. Hot Tub Liverpool offer a relocation service ensuring that whether you wish to relocate your hot tub in your garden or move to a different property the Engineers at Hot Tub Liverpool are trained to do this. We have our own method and equipment in place to ensure your hot tub is relocated as safely and efficiently as possible and ensuring no cosmetic damage is caused to the hot tub.  You can contact us by clicking the link here contact us to get a bespoke quotation for a relocation.

Jacuzzi are proud to have a number of high profile ambassadors partnered with them from the sporting world such as Adam Peaty OBE, Sally Gunnell OBE DL, Jessica-Jane Applegate MBE, Kimberley Morrison, Joe Fraser, Edward Baxter and the Hull FC Rugby Team, they also have presenters such as Kimberley Walsh, Andrea McLean and Peter Andre.

All of the above ambassadors fully understand the need for hydrotherapy, whether it be after a workout or training to relax the muscles or just relaxing with family and friends.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, Jacuzzi approached Adam Peaty for a partnership and gave him the use of a J-19 PowerPro™ swim spa, to enable him to continue with his training, they also gave him the use of a J-335 hot tub to aid recovery and maintain general wellbeing.

Swim spas are a great way to get the perfect balance between exercise and relaxation, with jets to swim against at one end and the relaxing hydrotherapy jets at the other, swim spas are also the perfect option for keen swimmers as they are considerably cheaper than installing and looking after a swimming pool.

When choosing a swim spa for swimming activity, choosing a large one is beneficial because they have a stronger water current, making it better for swimming against.

Swim spas are also extremely beneficial for health, as swimming helps to build strength, muscle tone, increased heart rate and endurance. They are also a great place to teach children to swim in the comfort of your own back garden! They have jets placed around the spa and seats so after you have finished swimming you can recover your muscles with a relaxing hydrotherapy massage. Jacuzzi swim spas come with a ClearRay Active Oxygen® system, which means that to water in the swim spa is always crystal clear and eliminates 99.9% of all known pathogens. Jacuzzi hot tubs and swim spas are unique as they come with a combined UV and Ozone system. Most hot tubs use either one of these, whereas, Jacuzzi’s technology have combined these together to create their renowned ClearRay Active Oxygen system.

ClearRay Active Oxygen technology combines light and air making them work harder enabling the water to remain cleaner for a longer period of time. This process is capable of eliminating waterborne pathogens and contaminants, therefore helping to prevent Legionella. A very low dosage of ozone is introduced to the water and is mixed in.

By combining ozone and UV-C light, an environment is created to reduce the dosage of chemicals needed to maintain clear bacteria free water.

jacuzzi clearray active oxygen

When purchasing a swim spa, one of the things to consider is the height of all the users. Jacuzzi swim spas are all designed and manufactured to be more than four feet deep to ensure that over half of your body is under the water.

Swim spas are for all year round, as the inbuilt heating system keeps the water at the temperature that you set it to, the insulation in the swim spa contains properties that retain the heat which means that you can still swim and relax in the swim spa during the colder months.

Jacuzzi are well known for their attention to detail and high quality workmanship, making their hot tubs and swim spas built to last for a very long time. The warranty on their best selling models are ten years on the shell structure and five years on the things like plumbing and controls.

With the uncertainty of rising energy costs, Jacuzzi have done research using customers data provided through the SmartTub app to get an accurate reading of how much Jacuzzi hot tubs cost to  run each day. A lots of other hot tub brands don’t have the SmartTub app technology and therefore, when they are quoting prices on how much it would cost to run the tub per day, this is very much guess work as each customers environment can change depending upon location and position of the tub. Jacuzzi have calculated that on average their J-200 Range costs between £2.50-£3.00 per day and their J-300 Range and above costs between £2.00-£2.60 per day, this works out that if you purchase a J-300 Range hot tub or above you are looking at a hot tub running cost of approximately £78.00 per month.

jacuzzi smarttub

Jacuzzi have recently brought in a new range called “Sun & Soul”. The reason they have done this is to bring an affordable family fun hot tub to compete with lower end brands whilst still proving the Jacuzzi quality and two year parts and labour warranty. This also, gives you comfort in knowing that if the retailer you purchase the hot tub from was to go out of business your warranty would still continue with Jacuzzi directly.

All the Sun & Soul hot tubs and swim spas come heat pump ready, this means the heat pump and the controller will speak to each other ensuring you get the highest energy efficiency from your heat pump as possible, and also this makes adding a heat pump at a later date really simple without the need for a hot tub engineer having to cut the pipework and plumb the heat pump in for you.

Hot Tub Liverpool are proud to be a Jacuzzi partner selling one of the oldest and best hot tubs in the industry.