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Hot Tubs for sale in Alderley Edge, Wilmslow & Hale 

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At Hot Tub Liverpool we supply luxury hot tubs and swim spas to the Alderley Edge, Wilmslow & Hale area.

We have a selection of top quality 13amp and 32amp hot tubs all with LED lighting and some with water features.  

Our swim spas are of the highest quality, they have either 4-5 seats in the hot tub area for hydrotherapy massages and a large space to swim against the swim jets, making it the perfect workout and relaxation experience.

With the current energy price hike, we have been looking at ways to help our customers keep their hot tub running costs as low ss possible, so we are selling heat pumps that can be connected to your hot tub.

A heat pump is a device that transfers thermal energy from one point to another.

This technology can also be used to extract the potential thermal energy in the air outside transferring the heat through a heat exchanger and heating your hot tub.

Although they use a small amount of electricity to run, heat pumps are considered highly efficient and clean because they don’t depend on the burning of fuel to create heat. They perform well in moderate climates such as the UK and can provide heating during the winter.

There are different two main kinds of heat pumps depending on the type of medium they extract heat from, namely, air or ground/water, and they are now beginning to be incorporated into modern builds on a regular basis.

Heat has a useful property when it comes to keeping our houses warm, it moves from a high temperature to a low temperature naturally. What a heat pump does is reverse this process using some simple science that pushes air from outside, warms it up and then feeds into your house.

On the outside of an air source heat pump you will find a system of coils with refrigerant in it over which the outside air is drawn using an impeller or fan. The liquid on the refrigerant coils absorbs all the heat and because it warms up, begins to evaporate. The gas then goes through a compressor that increases the temperature dramatically.

We are also proud to carry the Finnish Hand Made Rexener Wooden Hot Tubs range.

These are manufactured in Finland and are powered by Biodiesel, Red Diesel or just plain Diesel.

The Rexener wooden hot tubs are one of the most energy-efficient hot tubs on the market, making them the perfect choice if you are looking to go greener and reduce energy costs.

We have Finance options on all our hot tubs, choose from Monthly Payments, Buy Now Pay Later or Interest-Free Credit. Call in and see us to discuss which option would be best for you.

We also provide a service option. Maintaining your hot tub or swim spa is essential to protect its longevity of it, giving it an annual service can help to detect any small leaks or any larger potential problems.

Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and Hale are just down the motorway from us, so why not have a day out in Liverpool and come and see us and begin your hot tub journey with Hot Tub Liverpool today.