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Hot Tubs for sale in Allerton 

At Hot Tub Liverpool we sell high-quality American, Finnish and Chinese hot tubs to the Allerton area of Liverpool.

All our hot tubs are manufactured to the highest standard, using top of the range materials and control systems.

We stock a range of 13amp plug and play hot tubs and 32amp tubs.

The majority of our hot tubs are in our Eco range, meaning that they are eco-friendly and manufactured to save you money on your hot tub running costs.

Our American range of hot tubs are the Sundance Spas tubs. Sundance is a brand of Jacuzzi and are widely recognised across the industry as being one of the bestselling brand of hot tub in the world. This is down to the quality of insulation used within them. The insulation is in three layers, the first layer is the whole of the acrylic is wrapped in heatproof velvet and type XL listed EPS insulation board, the second layer is the Heatbank insulation boards, these are 30mm in thickness and the third layer is the Nasa inspired silver foil bubble wrap insulation. The tubs are raised off the ground by 40mm and packed with ground insulation to prevent heat from escaping through the bottom of the hot tub. Sundance spas are also renowned for their massage and hydrotherapy benefits due to the high-quality massage jets.

The other hot tubs in our Eco range are the Rexener Wooden Hot Tubs, they are manufactured in Finland.  They are powered by diesel and take just 2 hours to heat up. These hot tubs are very popular with holiday lets as the heat up time is so short, they can be ready for guests to enjoy at short notice.

Our Chinese hot tubs are also built to the highest standard using either Gecko or Balboa controls. These controls are some of the best in the industry.

We offer Finance options on all our hot tubs, call us to discuss which option suits you best. 

At Hot Tub Liverpool we provide several different services, such as Relocations, Repairs, Hot Tub Servicing and free access checks to ensure that your hot tub can be located as safely and efficiently as possible.

Customer Service is extremely important to us, we want all our customers to feel comfortable and to enjoy the process from purchase to installation and beyond. So why not contact us via our Contact Us page and begin your hot tub journey today!


Orlando - 5 Person Hot Tub
£5,495.00 GBP
Tuscan - 5 Person Hot Tub
£6,495.00 GBP £6,995.00 GBP
£6,495.00 GBP
Malibu 13 Amp Plug & Play Hot Tub
£3,495.00 GBP
Brooklyn - 5 Person Hot Tub
£6,495.00 GBP
Denver - 3 Person Hot Tub
£4,995.00 GBP
Peyton - 6 Person Hot Tub
£8,099.00 GBP £8,495.00 GBP
Edison - 6-7 Person Hot Tub
£8,099.00 GBP £8,495.00 GBP
Manhattan - 5 Person Hot Tub
£5,995.00 GBP
Rexener Polar Wooden Hot Tub - Made in Finland
from £6,990.00 GBP
McKinley - 6 Person Hot Tub
£9,149.00 GBP
Chelsee - 6 Person Hot Tub
£12,449.00 GBP
Dakota - 6 Person Hot Tub
£6,495.00 GBP
Laguna Hot Tub
£5,399.00 GBP
Sunset Commercial Hot Tub
£5,245.00 GBP
£24,995.00 GBP
Rexener Aurora Wooden Hot Tub - Made in Finland
from £6,190.00 GBP
Rexener Silence Wooden Hot Tub - Made in Finland
from £4,590.00 GBP
£22,995.00 GBP
£17,495.00 GBP
Prado - 4-5 Person Hot Tub
£6,499.00 GBP
Optima - 7 Person Hot Tub
£18,099.00 GBP
Aspen - 8 Seater Hot Tub
£20,699.00 GBP
Kingston - 8 Person Hot Tub
£21,999.00 GBP