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At Hot Tub Liverpool, not only do we offer a high-quality selection of hot tubs and swim spas, we also sell an array of stunning garden furniture, barbecues and outdoor heaters to make the most of your garden space. 

Since the recent pandemic, staycations have become increasingly popular, with homeowners opting to invest their money into home and garden improvements. 

As we originated as a hot tub company, we get to see the different ways our customers have designed their garden space, therefore we have handpicked the best of these designs and sourced similar products.

Everybody loves a barbecue, with friendly rivalry as to who does the best one! We offer gas barbecues, charcoal barbecues, outdoor kitchens and barbecue accessories so you can wow your neighbours with our extensive range of al fresco dining products.

Thinking of taking a stroll to the beach on a warm summer afternoon? Then arrive in style with our portable barbecue and luxury picnic hamper.

But, it’s no good having the best barbecue without bringing the comfort of your living room outside, which is why we offer Rattan garden sets, aluminium sofa sets and teak tables and benches.

Enjoy your garden late into the evening and keep warm with our selection of tabletop and free-standing heaters and fire pits. To keep the conversation around the table flowing into the night we even offer a luxury aluminium circular table with a built-in fire pit, designed in a unique way to make the heat travel under the table keeping you and your guests warm and comfortable.

Due to the unpredictability of the British summertime weather, we all know it can be sunny one moment and torrential rain the next, don’t let this put you off enjoying your garden by utilising our range of parasols and gazebos.

Parasols and gazebos are also a great way to maximise the use of your hot tub throughout the winter months.

Some of our gazebos have the ability to open the roof slats to let the light in whilst giving you the option to close them to shelter from rain and wind.

Storage is always an important aspect of any garden, so finding something that is practical and pleasant to look at is a must. Our range of teak storage boxes will not only keep your garden looking stylish, but also gives you the ability to hide away the chair and couch cushions when not in use.

The attention to detail in your garden can turn your outside space from amateur design to professional level with our range of garden ornaments. You can bring an element of your personality into every corner of your garden.

Our ornaments range from practical artefacts like our retro Mini Cooper beer and wine cooler to quirky ornaments and artistic bird houses, making it possible to create a little bit of magic in those forgotten spaces of your garden.

With almost 2 decades in the wellness industry and rated Excellent on Trustpilot along with our BISHTA and Whatspa accreditations, we will always aim to offer the very best customer experience and satisfaction with any purchase made at Hot Tub Liverpool

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