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Manhattan - 5 Person Hot Tub



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The Manhattan Hot Tub is part of the twin pump hot tub range.  In our opinion this is the best value twin lounger twin-pump hot tub in the UK. Perfect for families and those who love a hydrotherapy session. 

Gecko Control System

The Manhattan features Gecko controls, which are recognised all across the industry for being class-leading. Gecko Controls are designed and built in North America, Gecko is renowned for being extremely reliable easy to use and their low running costs are low.

Comfort Lounge Seat

The Manhattan consists of a on-float lounger seat. The lounger is constructed to hold your body firmly to the acrylic shell, giving you the most relaxing hydrotherapy massage possible.  The lounger can comfortably fit users up to 6ft 3.

Powerful Hydromassage

The Manhattan incorporates top quality hydrotherapy massage jets for an all-absorbing upper and lower back massage.

Phantom Bluetooth Audio

The Manhattan features the latest Phantom WiFi Audio System with a subwoofer. The speakers connect to the hot tub's shell, turning it into a large speaker. You may not be able to see them from outside but the quality of this speaker system is second to none. Simply connect it to your chosen device and away you go!

LED Mood Light

The Manhattan comes with the latest LED mood lighting,  With a setting for every mood you will be sure to find the perfect lighting sequence .With up to 10 different sequences from fade to strobe you will love the flexibility of LED Mood Lighting.

LED Cup Holders

The Manhattan houses LED cup holders, we would always advise using transparent plastic glasses when in your hot tub to prevent from breakages. Place your plastic glass on the cup holder and watch your drink light up, making your time in the hot tub more of a party like an experience

Clear Water System

The Manhattan hot tub is equipped with a state of the art no-bypass filtration system and an ozone disinfection system. The better the filtration in your tub, the longer your hot tub will continue to operate efficiently.  

Built to Last

Most hot tubs are installed outside, and as the British weather is not always favourable, the Manhattan hot tub features our latest Aluminium frame and a wood composite cabinet which is weatherproof and maintenance-free, keeping your hot tub in the best condition possible all year round. 

Dedicated Circulation Pump

The Manhattan is fittied with a dedicated circulation pump which ensures that your energy bills are kept low. A smaller pump is used to circulate the water through the filter while the powerful message pump is only active when you need it.

More Information
Width 2000mm
Depth 2000mm
Height 900mm
Seating Capacity 5 persons
Lounge Seats 2
Dimensions 2000 x 2000 x 900 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Water Capacity 1400 litres
Hot Tub Weight 280 kg dry 1680 kg filled
Total Number of Hydromassage Jets 42
Jet Pump 2.5 HP
Circulation Pump yes
Air valves 3, with LED
Diverters 1
Filter System 50 sq. ft./4.6 m² effective filtration area
Control System Gecko
Lighting LED underwater light LED waterline lights LED valve lights
Ozone System yes
Heater 3 kW
Pillows 3
Structural Frame Aluminium
Skirting Durable transfer printed all-round
Shell Insulation High-density foam
Base Half sandwich PVC floor
Cover Insulation 70 mm

Grey Skirt

Pearl Shadow Acrylic

White Marble Acrylic

Powerful Hydromassage The hot tub incorporates great hydrotherapy jets for an all-absorbing massage for the whole body. Various jet layouts for upper and lower back massage, neck and shoulder massage jets, leg massage jets and foot massage jets combine to one comprehensive massage system.



We have partnered with Duologi and Novuna to offer a range of competitive finance packages allowing our customers to pay monthly for their products.

Your deposit can be adjusted from 10-75% on products to find a monthly payment that suits your budget. If at any time you want to pay off your finance agreement early, that's not a problem.

0% APR

A variety of competitive payment options are available on our full range of hot tubs, including 0% APR over 24 months, so you can enjoy your hot tub knowing that you're paying no interest.

For longer-term agreements, the rate can vary depending on your deposit amount. We tailor our products to suit you.

When you have placed your order with us and paid your deposit, we will arrange for one of our Engineers to come out to your property to carry out a free of charge access check to ascertain whether you will need a crane to get your new hot tub in place or if we will be able to use our sleigh to get the tub in place.

Once this has been decided we will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date for our Engineers to come and deliver and install your hot tub.

When we contact you to arrange a delivery date, we will explain that your balance is due. If you wish to pay your balance via credit or debit card, we ask for payment 7-days before delivery, however, should you wish to pay by bank transfer or cash, this can be paid on the day of delivery.

On the day of delivery, we will bring your hot tub and get it in place. We will then start the installation process. Our Engineers will wait with you whilst the tub is filling, we will then carry out chemical tuition with you, whereby we explain when to use which chemicals and how much to use. We will also explain how to drain and clean your tub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Hot Tub Liverpool we have a range of hot tubs to suit every budget, but it depends on what you are looking for in a hot tub. We have 13amp plug and play hot tubs that are perfect for socialising with friends and family, or we have the more powerful 32amp tubs which offer a hydrotherapy massage. Our 13amp tubs start from £3,495.00 and the 32amp tubs start from £5,995.00.

There are several health & wellness benefits to owning a hot tub. They help you to relax and relieve stress due to the warm water. They can help to improve your skin and circulation as when you sweat it will remove toxins, creating a detox. Also, the massage jets can help if you have muscle pain from a sports injury or just general aching muscles from everyday life, the massage jets are also great for relieving back and joint pain.

There are many different factors as to how much a hot tub will cost to run. It depends on the tub you choose, If you choose a higher range model of tub we would estimate that your costs would roughly be £1.20-£1.50 per day, this, however, may be different for different tubs etc. this is because of the quality of the insulation used, helping to retain as much heat as possible. The lower range, we estimate would cost roughly £3.00 per day. These, however, are just estimates. There are many things you can do to keep your hot tub running costs as low as possible. For example, make sure that your hot tub has a cover that fits perfectly, this will help to keep the heat in. If you are going away on holiday or not planning to use the tub for a period of time, we would advise turning the temperature down, this is also a good way for reducing costs. Also, your tub will probably be set at a lower temperature during the summer months than in the winter so your costs may change seasonally.

13amp hot tubs are not as powerful as 32amp tubs, meaning that the massage benefits are not as good, having said that a 13amp tub still provides the relaxation benefits due to the warm water. A 13amp hot tub will plug into a regular household socket, which is why they are often referred to as ‘plug and play’ hot tubs.  A 32amp hot tub will provide a more powerful hydrotherapy massage experience. 32amp tubs need to have a dedicated electrical supply, which means you need to contact a qualified Electrician to come and do this for you.

Most hot tub deliveries are straightforward and can be manoeuvred on a sleigh, sometimes it may be necessary to remove a fence panel between gardens and get it in through a neighbour's garden, and in cases where access is minimal, a crane will be required. We work with a local crane company that will get your hot tub in as safely and efficiently as possible. 

This depends on how powerful your hot tub heating element is, it also depends on the temperature you want it to be set at, the lower the temperature the less time it will take. Also, if the hot tub is covered with a good fitting heat retaining cover it will take less time to heat up. We would say that it would take anywhere between 8 to 12 hours to heat your hot tub, depending on the ambient temperature also.

Keeping your hot tub clean is essential to prolonging the life of your tub. There are different chemicals that you need to do different things. Chlorine or Bromine are both effective at killing bacteria that may occur in the water, Bromine is often used by people who suffer from sensitive skin as it doesn’t cause irritation. We sell a variety of hot tub chemicals and filters in our showroom.

Yes you will! When our Engineers deliver your hot tub, they will provide a full installation and tuition service, they will go through the chemicals with you and show you how much to use and when to use them, they will also show you how to test the water to see if it needs more or less of a chemical.

When deciding where to place your hot tub there are a number of factors to consider. Like the weight of it, the weight of the tub with water and people in it and the structural foundation of the base you are sitting it on.  Ideally, a completely flat and level concrete base would be perfect for positioning your hot tub, but you can also place your tub on decking if you have additional reinforcements in place to support the weight.

We would only recommend switching your hot tub off if you are not going to be using it for a long period of time. Turning it on and off all the time is not energy efficient and will cost you more in running costs in the long run. If you are going on holiday for a week or so we would, however, recommend turning the temperature down a few degrees, this will help to keep the tub running efficiently and help to keep your running costs down.