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August 17, 2022 8 min read

With the Staycation becoming increasingly more popular, more holiday lets are beginning to install hot tubs to encourage customers to stay with them. 

If you stay at a holiday let or rental with a hot tub it must be HSG282 compliant.

Approximately 5 years ago, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) released new health & safety guidance for hot tubs, due to the fact that they can be a source of disease and infection caused by an organism that contributes to Legionnaires’ disease, otherwise known as ‘Legionella Pneumophila’.

The HSG282 literature provides advice and guidance on the operation and maintenance of commercial hot tubs for holiday let owners.

The guidelines for HSG282 are as follows.

  • The hot tub should have a self-cleaning bromine/chlorine system. This ensures that there is a constant supply of chlorine or bromine being added to the Jacuzzi.
  • There should be a 2-hour filtration system
  • There should be no headrests or pillows. This is because they are a breeding ground for bacteria, they can also fall off and get broken easily.
  • There should be 250 litres of water per bather, so for instance, if you have a 5-person hot tub it should have the capacity for 1250 Litres of water.
  • Written water testing records. The water in the hot tub should be tested 3 times per day and logged on a water testing record sheet to ensure that the water is properly chemically balanced and safe for the guests to use.

The majority of holiday let hot tubs don’t have any waterfalls or any other extras on them and the control panel is very basic, so the tub is as easy to use as possible. They will usually just have a jets on/off button and a lights on/off button, this will also be beneficial to the owner of the holiday accommodation as it means that guests can’t mess with the control panel and cause it to break and cause expense and inconvenience to the owner.

Most hot tubs advertised online will be for residential use only and not be HSG282 compliant. It is essential when providing hot tubs commercially that the tub you install is HSG282 compliant. If you are unsure whether the hot tub is holiday let compliant then please contact our expert team who will be happy to give advice.

If you manage a commercial business such as a cottage, campsite, holiday park, glamping site, shepherd’s hut or holiday lodge and are looking to increase revenue and occupancy by up to 54% then why not think about installing individual private hot tubs for customer use? Hot Tub Liverpool not only provides you with a number of different eco-energy-efficient holiday let hot tubs but also offer complete after-sales training and support. This usually consists of one of our engineers spending the day with your staff, providing water chemistry training, basic maintenance care, free backup parts covering your warranty term and over-the-phone video support.

As more people decide to take their holidays in the UK, hot tubs are becoming increasingly more popular within a holiday let setting. Not only does it add a sense of luxury to your holiday park it also gives it an all-year-round appeal. Who wouldn’t want to relax with a drink in a private hot tub outside your caravan, holiday lodge or glamping pod?

According to UK independent travellers, 26% of luxury holiday travellers cited “hot tubs” as the most important amenity in their accommodation. 46% of people count hot tubs as the most romantic feature of a hotel stay and some reports state that more than 53% of people that choose log cabins, camping sites, glamping and lodges look for hot tubs as an essential amenity.

Holiday rental properties with a hot tub perform up to 54% better than those that do not.

Statistics show that in Liverpool, Wirral and the UK “Hot Tub UK breaks”, “Hot Tub Lodges” and “Jacuzzi Hotel” are some of the most searched-for terms on google when people are looking for a holiday break.

It is important to carefully consider your options when choosing a holiday let hot tub. There are a lot of hot tubs out there claiming to be HSG282 compliant but don’t meet all the specifications. It is always tempting to spend less money on a commercial tub for it to only cost you more money in the long run, consisting of bad customer reviews and poor energy conservation. You should be aware of other costs when getting your hot tub installed such as electrical hook up, concrete or strong decking base to accommodate the hot tub. Unlike a lot of other companies, delivery and installation is free when you purchase your holiday let hot tub through Hot Tub Liverpool covering the whole of the UK.

A lot of companies advertise a hot tub based on the amount of jets it has, this is a common mistake within the industry. Less is usually more when it comes to looking for the amount of jets for a holiday let’s hot tub. To give you an example if you had 40 jets running from 2 pumps you are going to get a lot better and stronger hydrotherapy experience compared with running the same 2 pumps through 100+ jets. Also, the fewer jets there are in your holiday let hot tub means less cleaning and less chance of jets breaking causing issues for your customers.

It is always important to make sure the company you are looking to purchase your hot tub through has good Trustpilot and Google Reviews. With these hot tubs getting used commercially you want to make sure that when there is an issue it is fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible so you reduce the amount of potential revenue lost from the hot tub being out of commission.

To purchase a good quality acrylic hot tub, you should expect to spend between £5000 - £12000. Always make sure you do your research on the hot tub you are buying by checking out other customer reviews before committing to the purchase.

As we mentioned earlier one of the top searched google keywords when looking for a holiday let, glamping pod, holiday lodge or cottage was jacuzzi hotel. Jacuzzi is a trademarked name that has become synonymous with hot tubs. A lot of people don’t realise this and naturally search for Jacuzzi Hotels when looking for hot tubs. To be able to stand out from the competition and use the Jacuzzi brand on your website you need to buy a Jacuzzi hot tub. Hot Tub Liverpool is one of the official Jacuzzi dealers across the UK.

In 1968, Jacuzzi created the world's first integrated jet whirlpool bath, and by 1970, Jacuzzi invented larger indoor tubs to accommodate groups of people or whole families. At the time of writing their current television advert features the triple Olympic champion, Adam Peaty OBE. During the covid pandemic of 2020, the Olympic athletes were not able to train in swimming pools due to them all being closed, so Jacuzzi provided some of the UK’s top swimming athletes with Swim Spas to enable them to train for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. There are also many other famous faces who have associated themselves with the Jacuzzi brand from other Olympic athletes to Television Presenters and Pop Stars.

Hot Tub Liverpool Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Jacuzzi completed a research programme with Airbnb to find out exactly how much people holidaying in the UK were willing to pay to stay at a holiday park, cottage, lodge, or glamping site with a hot tub. The results were showing that the average price during the summer months for accommodation with a hot tub was £282.68 per night as opposed to the price without a hot tub being £135.37 per night. During the winter months, the price for accommodation with a hot tub was £232.46 per night as opposed to £121.55 without a hot tub. This research shows that customers we willing to pay the extra just to book accommodation with a hot tub. This shows the value that can be added to your holiday accommodation

When looking for a hot tub for holiday accommodation such as a cottage, lodge or glamping pod it is important to look for an eco-friendly energy-saving hot tub which will save you money in the long term. The Jacuzzi range of hot tubs fulfil this criteria as they are extremely well insulated ensuring that they retain the heat temperature of the water but another way to ensure your hot tub stays “warm for less” is with a fuel-powered tub.

One of the most popular hot tubs for holiday lets and rentals is the Rexener Wooden Hot Tub. This hot tub is manufactured in Finland and is HSG282 Compliant. Two reasons why this particular hot tub is so popular within the holiday rental industry, is the rapid heating process, and the fact that it is powered by Diesel.

Hot Tub Liverpool Rexener Eco Energy Saving Hot Tub

This tub is fitted with a PR200 water boiler which will heat the hot tub up from 7°C to 38°C in just 2 hours. This is the fastest most efficient and most effective heat-up on the market. Therefore, when guests vacate the property there is enough time for the tub to be completely drained, cleaned, refilled and heated up again ready for the next guests. The maximum temperature that can be set is 40°C.

The Rexener hot tub is quick to drain to ensure that the emptying, cleaning and the whole water change process is as quick as possible. It is essential that this process is completed in order to comply with HSG282 Guidelines.  There are no jets to remove as the Rexener hot tub contains blowers around the bottom of the tub, so this enables the cleaning process to be fast and efficient.

The Rexener hot tub will take approximately 1hr to 1.5hrs to fill, depending on the water pressure in the area.

The Rexener hot tub can be used with either diesel, biodiesel or fuel oil. It can be used in residential or built-up areas as there is no smoke or odour that could cause distress to any neighbours or other guests in a holiday let setting. It is also extremely quiet using only 48dB.

The Bioheater produces no particular emissions or carbon monoxide. In principle, the exhaust will only produce harmless carbon dioxide.

There is a temperature adjustment button on the heater so that you can set it to your chosen temperature, and the tub will heat up very quickly.

The heating system is housed in a lockable box on the side of the Rexener hot tub, to prevent guests from tampering with it and altering temperature settings.

There is an inline dosing system house within the plant box. Chlorine or Bromine tablets are inserted into the inline dosing system and they are gradually introduced into the water of the hot tub, keeping it clean and bacteria free.

There are no cartridge filters within the Rexener hot tub, which makes cleaning the filter a lot quicker and more convenient.

If necessary, a sand filter can be added to the system to aid in better filtration.

There is a UV Lamp Disinfection System on the Rexener hot tub that is built into the pipework system, this aids sanitation and the clarity of the water

Mood lighting is one of the features of the Rexener hot tub, it has various colours which are operated via remote control, giving either one solid colour or it will gently scroll through the varying colours changing colour every few seconds.

Bullet Point information about the Rexener Bioheater

  • Works with biodiesel, diesel or fuel oil.
  • Low consumption. Maintaining a stable temperature is easy and inexpensive.
  • Precise thermostat control 0–40 °C.
  • Also for replacing existing wood stoves.
  • Heats the water in no time.
  • No visible smoke – suitable for use in residential areas.
  • Efficient heating, 20 kW.
  • Suitable for all outdoor hot tubs and even large swimming pools.
  • Quiet, max. only 48 dB.

So, to summarise, adding a hot tub to your holiday rental accommodation can really boost your business and keep customers coming back time and time again.

Speak to our friendly team at Hot Tub Liverpool for any more information you require about HSG282 compliant hot tubs for holiday accommodation, we will be happy to help you!